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MoniqueAgent is disrupting the traditional modeling industry with a new way to book work and engage with clients. Here, we’ll discuss how to best use our platform so you are ready to reap all of the benefits and rewards of Agent!

Website Vs App

We have both a website and an iOS app that you can use to manage your profile and book jobs. The app is great to use on the go as a model. If you’re at home on your laptop, the website might be easier if you’re less comfortable with the app. Both the website and the app are identical in their features and functionality.

Hello? Is Anybody There?

Yes! The Agent Team is comprised of real, living humans and we work at the Agent offices Monday through Friday . . . and are even available 24/7 to help you should the need arise. We communicate to you through Agent Assist (our in app chat), emails, text and sometimes a phone call! So please answer us if we reach out.  😊 We encourage you to add (800) 457-1998 to your contact list so that you can easily identify incoming calls from us as they normally have to do with potential job opportunities or jobs that you have already booked.

So What Do I Do?

Assuming you’re approved on the app, as a model on the Agent platform, it’s time to get to work! Currently, there are two ways to book work: 1) Job Listings and 2) Direct Bookings.

For Job Listings, you will get a notification, email or text (depending on your settings) about a job opportunity that fit your specs, interests and geographical location. Review all the information on the listing and, so you stand out from the crowd, write a thoughtful pitch for the job when applying. Make sure your pitch highlights any qualities which make you perfect for the job.

The other way to obtain work is via Direct Booking and that is when a client sends you a request to work a particular job. You will only have 24 hours to respond to a Direct Booking request so make sure to respond promptly. It is important that you always respond to a request (by “accepting” or “declining”) even if you are not interested.

Safety and Transparency

The team at Agent works diligently on background checking everyone who applies to be a client on our platform so you can be confident that we are doing our best to have your back. This helps ensure the integrity of every job. However, if you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to us. We are here for you.

How Do I Get Paid? 

All clients are required to connect a verified credit card prior to setting up the job so you can be paid as soon as the job is complete. All the client needs to do to initiate payment to you is press “complete & pay” on the app. And, the client can make time adjustments in the event the job took longer than expected. So simple! You can always reach out to us if you think there has been an error or if the client forgets to press the “complete” button.


This might seem a little obvious, but having a great headshot, and the best pictures in your portfolio is truly the way to set yourself apart from the rest. Make sure you include pictures of the kind of work you are open to doing, are current and in an order that makes sense. Try to have the first three pictures be your best ones, the picture after your headshot be a full body shot, and the last picture in your portfolio a great headshot as well. Whenever you have a test shoot, don’t forget to add it your Agent portfolio too!

Your Custom Agent URL

Did you know that one of the benefits of being listed on Agent is that you get a custom Agent URL so you can promote yourself and drive potential clients to your Agent profile? You can link your URL on Instagram, your blog, your website, pretty much anywhere you think a potential client may see it. You can view and edit your URL/username by logging in to your Agent account, going to Account Settings, tapping on Edit Profile and then scrolling down. You can also view your custom URL page by clicking here.

Did you know that views of your profile by unique users and your number of jobs booked on Agent further increases your visibility to clients searching for models? Promoting your profile and keeping jobs on the platform contributes to your success. Our goal is to help you grow your modeling career.


Ratings, Ratings, Ratings!

Upon completion of each job the client is asked to rate the model and the model is asked to rate the client. This empowers all users with information about each other so they can make informed decisions when deciding to work with one another.  Remember, the higher your rating the more likely you are to be booked so always be your best by arriving early to each job, maintaining a great attitude and always acting in a professional manner.

Reach out.

If you ever have questions about a job, or your portfolio, or how anything works, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We respond to everyone in a timely fashion. We’re here for you!!


Hi! I've been modeling for 10 years and joined Agent, Inc to help better the modeling industry as a whole, and share all that I've learned throughout the years. I grew up near Los Angeles and then moved there after college where I got a degree in Communications while modeling. Feel free to email me any blog ideas!

When I'm not modeling, or writing for Agent, you can find me going to concerts, comedy shows, or exploring a new city.

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