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Most people think modeling is just for those who are 5’10 and above and super slim, ala Naomi Campbell. But that’s not true. There are many categories of models; each requiring a different set of skills, body type, etc. Under which category do you fall? Here, we break it down. You might see that you fit into more than one category.


Fashion (Editorial) Model
Fashion models are usually 5’9 – 6’ tall and very slim. They book work for high fashion editorials, fashion magazines, and high fashion campaigns. Their measurements are usually: bust 33″, waist 23″, hips 33″.


Runway Model
Runway Models are usually 5’9- 5’11’ and have a strong runway walk. They usually have slim measurements to fit the sample pieces. Designers don’t make sample pieces to fit a certain person.


Commercial/ Lifestyle Model
Commercial models can be any height, age and size. They do product ads (housewares, food products, travel industry, tech devices, and more).


Plus Size Models
These models are usually a size 12 or more and have become increasingly popular in the fashion industry where diversity if finally becoming a standard.


Petite Models
Models who are under 5’8 or 5’7 are usually considered petite models. They are proportional and can photograph tall since they have long limbs. They can do print work and commercial work.


Swim/ Lingerie Model
These models are curvier and more voluptuous, usually having an hourglass figure. They model swimwear, bikinis, lingerie, undergarments and sleepwear. They can also do fit modeling and showroom modeling for these markets too.

Fit Model
Not to be confused with “being fit”, fit models have certain measurements that are consistent with fashion house sizing and work behind the scenes trying clothes and tell the designers how the garments fit and feel. Usually, these models develop great working relationships with designers and they use them, again and again, making for consistent income.


Fitness Model
Fitness models are very toned, athletic and have experience in sports. Many fitness models are former athletes. Fitness models are great for athletic wear, supplements, and fitness gear. They also get work doing commercials too.

Promotional Modeling
Promotional models are hired to help draw and attract business at conventions, tradeshows, and live events. They are usually outgoing and retain information quickly as they may be asked questions about the item they are promoting. These are fun gigs!

Classic (Mature) Models
Mature models are over 30 years old and are considered commercial models, but sometimes they get to be in editorials and fashion ads too! These models can work all the way into their 90s and is an increasing market.


Hi! I've been modeling for 10 years and joined Agent, Inc to help better the modeling industry as a whole, and share all that I've learned throughout the years. I grew up near Los Angeles and then moved there after college where I got a degree in Communications while modeling. Feel free to email me any blog ideas!

When I'm not modeling, or writing for Agent, you can find me going to concerts, comedy shows, or exploring a new city.

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