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Instagram and modeling go hand-in-hand like peas in a pod. Models have a knack for taking great photos, and people like seeing models. No matter your stance on social media, it’s becoming an increasing factor for brands and companies to consider a model’s social media influence when booking.  Follow these tips to increase your engagement if you could use a boost.

Seems easy, but it can be harder than you think! Posting a picture every day increases your chances of getting more likes as people will see and like your photo more often. Make sure it is something interesting and worthy of posting too. No one wants to see boring content.

Say you had a great hair, makeup and outfit day. Take many photos and post the best ones every few days. Or save it for a rainy day when you don’t have anything to post. If you’re modeling, make sure to take a selfie or have someone take a photo of you at a job. It’s great to look busy too! Make sure to tag @JoinAgent to get featured!

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When you start getting comments, make sure to respond to them immediately with more than a few words or emojis. This ups your chances of your photo being seen within Instagram’s algorithm. Asking a question in your caption also gives your followers a reason to comment too. And make sure to reciprocate the love back by liking and commenting on some of your follower’s Instagrams as well.

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There’s a reason many ads use bright colors that pop. It catches the eye and it’s interesting. If you’re able to incorporate bright colors in your Instagram, definitely do it! Also, try to keep similar colors together or stick to a theme to make it look overall cohesive.

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Follow, like and comment others who are interesting to you, or who might find you and content interesting. This is another way to attract engagement on your page.


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Always tag appropriate brands if you’re wearing their clothing items, and tag the location you took the photo at. This will notify the brand or location, and if it’s a great photo, they may repost it and tag you! That is ideal. It’s best to be tagged by other Instagrams as much as possible. Also, hashtag any relevant brands or trending hashtags to get seen by those searching those hashtags!

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If you’re not a pro at taking selfies, you might just need some practice. This way you can learn at what distance and angle to hold your phone. A quick google search “How to take a good selfie,” can show you many different ways to take a selfie, from videos, to step by steps. The biggest thing to consider when taking a selfie is making sure lighting is in front of you. The best lighting is facing a window and having the natural sunlight light you.

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Now that your Instagram is blowing up you might see many strangers in your DMs (direct messages). As a model, you may get guys or girls sending you notes of admiration but you will also come across photographers and brands trying to work with you. This is really risky as it is a complete stranger! You have no idea who they are or what kind of past they have. Not to mention, nothing to hold them to paying you or keeping to usage agreements.

Luckily, you have us at Agent. If someone wants to work with you, direct them to your Agent portfolio link and have them sign up. You can do this by adding your Agent portfolio link to your instagram so clients and potential clients can see your portfolio right away and be able to book you through the secure platform. This way they are background checked, verified by us, and you are without a doubt, immediately paid after the job. Agent only charges 10% of the job vs 20% from traditional agencies.


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