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Don’t Take it Personally
When submitting or auditioning for a job, it’s important not to take it personally if you weren’t picked. Most models intentionally forget about the casting immediately after auditioning or submitting, because the truth is, you will get more rejections than bookings. There are simply more models applying for jobs than there are jobs for each model on a given day.

Be Better Next Time.
The best thing to do is always be bettering yourself and your book. Consistently test with photographers, study other models and be your best self. Even castings themselves can be learning experiences and you should take note of what you did and how you can do better next time.

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.
-M. Jackson Brown Jr “

Be Prepared.
Let’s focus on how to prepare for a casting. Usually you will know who you are casting for, so go ahead and look at them online. See what their vibe and look is. Is it a young contemporary line? If so, go to the casting in something trendy but in neutral colors. Emulate their look while still being you and still not looking over the top. Practice the kind of poses they have on their site or in the marketing campaigns. Chances are, they will give you an outfit to wear and take a few photos.

Be Memorable.
Think about it, casting directors see many people a day, so try to be different, unique, and memorable. Try to make them laugh… but don’t try these things too hard. Still be yourself. Have I confused you yet?

Be Early.
One way to be memorable is to be the first one seen. Since you are first, there is no one else the casting director can compare you to. They are already envisioning you as the person they’re casting. Many models use this trick and it works! It also shows you are punctual, reliable, serious and ready.

Dress Simple.
Most castings require you to wear little makeup and to dress simply. This is so they can actually envision the way they are going to make you up. Overdoing it with makeup or dressing too eccentric can throw them off and pigeonhole you in a certain look.

If you’ve done the above and you still haven’t booked a job, you might be in the wrong geographical market or are trying to book jobs that are not a good match. Whether it’s your look, or your book, you have to see what is popular in your area. Sometimes moving to a new market makes all the difference.




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