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Setting Goals for a Modeling Career
Just like any business venture or career, it’s important to set goals so you can stay focused and make sure you remain on a successful growth path. If you haven’t thought about it before, what kind of model do you want to be? In other words, what kind of modeling jobs are you good at and enjoy? Sometimes, you might be good at one type of modeling job, like e-commerce, but enjoy booking shoots like swimwear campaigns at the beach…Wouldn’t you like to do more of what you love doing instead?

Visualize Your Goals
Many people recommend and swear by envisioning their goals. Did you know that imagining yourself walking the runway in New York,  or whatever your dream job is, can help make it a reality? Writing down your goals on your phone wallpaper, on your calendar, or on your refrigerator keeps you motivated and ensures a constant reminder is always close by! Did you know by sharing your goals with your friends and family, you are more likely to accomplish them?

Being Proactive
If you are continuously booking e-commerce, but not enough other kinds of jobs that you really enjoy, it could be wise to invest in hiring or collaborating with a photographer, stylist, and make-up artist to put together the kind of shoot you would want to be paid for in the future. Companies and casting directors don’t like to take a chance when hiring a model for an important job. Always keep in mind that nothing replaces experience! So make it happen for yourself! If you submit for a casting that is shooting a swimwear line and you don’t have any pictures of yourself in swimwear or something similar, chances are quite low that you would be picked over a model who does have them.

Working with What You’ve Got
If you love all aspects of modeling, then make sure you have a well-rounded portfolio. Also, you must always consider your physical qualities and for which type of job they are most aligned. Models with long torsos are great for swimwear. Models with long legs are great for denim. Models with strong, striking facial features are great for makeup, jewelry, and other face-centric items. It’s great to work with what you’ve got but also push yourself to be the very best version of yourself by thinking positive, working out regularly, eating healthy and, overall, taking care of yourself.

Goal- Minded
Another thing to consider, “Are you modeling for an income or is it a hobby?”  If it’s a hobby, then you are probably doing it to have fun, but it is still important to set goals, so you stay on track of and accept jobs that you enjoy doing and are aligned with personal growth. If you model mainly for income (i.e., it is your career focus, etc.), then make sure you set realistic income goals and keep an open mind to accepting jobs that may be less fun but pay well.

If you haven’t started one already, keeping track of your expenses and money earned from your modeling jobs so it helps you visualize and give you a broader perspective of how lucrative (or not!) modeling has been for you. This is also a useful way to keep track of whether or not you’ve been paid by a client. (That is, of course, unless you’re booking the job on the Agent Platform because in that case you will be paid immediately upon job completion!) Spreadsheets are a great way to identify the most profitable types of jobs for you and to get your arms around how long it takes to receive your hard-earned money. Spreadsheets also allow you to set realistic goals focused on improving your month-over-month earnings and to quickly identify when the job flow slows down. If you have some downtime between jobs, it’s not uncommon for models to book trade show, promo, fit modeling or hosting work to supplement their income.

Modeling CAN be a stable job if you have a strong will and work ethic. Models who stick with it consistently will continuously improve their craft and always act in a professional manner are rewarded with on-going jobs by repeat clients and referrals to new clients. Stay positive, work hard and always stay laser-focused on being the best model any client has ever worked with!


Hi! I've been modeling for 10 years and joined Agent, Inc to help better the modeling industry as a whole, and share all that I've learned throughout the years. I grew up near Los Angeles and then moved there after college where I got a degree in Communications while modeling. Feel free to email me any blog ideas!

When I'm not modeling, or writing for Agent, you can find me going to concerts, comedy shows, or exploring a new city.

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