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Society in general is becoming more accepting of tattoos. With the rise of more prominent successful figures sporting tattoos (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Angelina Jolie to name a few), they loosen the association that tattoos must equal delinquent behavior. More young people than ever are getting tattoos as noted by American Association of Pediatrics, and it doesn’t look like it will be decreasing any time soon. From small minimal designs to large intricate pieces, there are all types of tattoos and millennials love expressing themselves with them.

Many prominent models are getting tattoos as well. Ten years ago, models would get smaller, minimal tattoos in spots more hidden like behind the ear, or between fingers. These days, models are unabashedly opting for tattoos that can be clearly seen and relying on photoshop or makeup to hide it if the client doesn’t want to see to their permanent artwork. Top models, like Cara Delevigne, has a large lion tattoo on her finger and Freja Ericson has the word “Float” in cursive on the front of her neck for all to see. So… does having tattoos hinder a modeling career? Our answer…not really.  

Companies hire models that reflect a demographic they are targeting. Some clients or campaigns even prefer models with tattoos to look “relatable” or “interesting”. But don’t get a tattoo because you think it will get you more modeling work.

Piercings are also on the rise due to nostalgia and 90’s era looks that are becoming popular, for men and women. Multiple delicate metal rings on ears, septum piercings, ear piercings, and nipple piercings have all been making the rounds. Like tattoos, they are becoming more mainstream and more accepted. The nice thing about piercings is that once healed, they can come off easily and put back on later if the client prefers them not to be seen. In this way, they’re more versatile.

Again, companies like hiring unique and interesting people for certain jobs, so if you have a few piercings, it shouldn’t hinder. The important thing is to know your client before going to a casting and know if they’re the type that will like piercings or not. Same with your book. If you want to be versatile, include some pictures with and without piercings.

Alternative Hair Styles
Pink hair, blue dip dyes, undercuts, and shaved heads… models are becoming more diverse than ever, being bolder and taking risks by having an eccentric cut or color.. or both. But do they hinder modeling jobs? Kinda…

Having a certain cut or color can box you into a certain look and may not make you versatile enough to work most kinds of jobs. If you have an eccentric hairstyle, and you aren’t getting enough modeling work, figure out if you’re being seen by the right companies, or maybe it’s time to for a hair change. Make sure your book highlights your look in the best way possible. If you have dark black hair with bangs, is your book consistent with having an alternative edge?

On the flip side, if you don’t really have a hairstyle, consider getting something to jazz up your look and make you look more unique but still versatile. Seeing a professional hairstylist would know best about what would suit you. What suits you depends on your face shape, skin tone, and eye color. A great hairstylist has been taught to know how to highlight those features with your hair.

Do you have any stories where tattoos, piercings or your hairstyle helped or hindered you booking a job? Let us know in the comments!


Hi! I've been modeling for 10 years and joined Agent, Inc to help better the modeling industry as a whole, and share all that I've learned throughout the years. I grew up near Los Angeles and then moved there after college where I got a degree in Communications while modeling. Feel free to email me any blog ideas!

When I'm not modeling, or writing for Agent, you can find me going to concerts, comedy shows, or exploring a new city.

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