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We all know how important generating our own captivating content has become to a model’s success within the industry.  With the pressure on to post, post…and post, we are constantly on the lookout for valuable photo ops to share so that we can continuously engage our following.  These days, anything from background work on a vacuum cleaner commercial, to looking all fly in your car stuck in traffic on the way to a casting, to getting a freshly done pedicure with your bestie can qualify as potential “material.”  Gotta keep that Insta story flowing and those numbers up, right? When we finally do book that big job that is actually worth advertising, it seems like a no brainer to just take and post as many photos and videos as humanly possible in order to maximize our online opportunity (and still have enough for #tbt).  While there are no formal guidelines out there for social media, it isn’t always necessarily “more is better” and “anything goes.” Here are a few tips for keeping those social media shares sophisticated, savvy, and professional.

Always check with the client before posting on set.

Though it may seem like the clients will be thrilled with any extra publicity for their brand, a lot of times they may be shooting collections that are not yet released to the general public and will want you to hold off on posting.  It’s also important to be cognizant of posting pictures or stories with other people in them; it’s always best to ask. Sometimes, little behind-the-scenes shots are ok, while other times, a set is entirely closed (no photos. period.)  It’s up to you to take the initiative and check on the policy with the client. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness and respect.

Give credit where credit is due.  

Social media is such a great way for artists to pay tribute to each other and cross promote.  It’s good etiquette to always credit all the creatives involved in your photos and posts. Sometimes, we are so excited to post an awesome shot and don’t do our due diligence to make sure we acknowledge all the right people who helped make it happen.  Taking the extra time to do this is a great way to thank clients and show your appreciation for their business and admiration for their craft, and can be a useful networking tool. 

There is a such thing as too much.  

No matter how epic the post, it is important to keep variety of content to some degree.  We all have that one friend that takes up half our feed every morning with what appears to be 28 versions of the same exact photo.   If you’re having trouble choosing which of 8 photos to post, try including them all in one post, or saving some for a slow month. Your fans and followers will appreciate your efforts at keeping your posts diverse and intriguing.  Always leave ‘em wanting more!

Laila Elise

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