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With the ever increasing trend towards direct online bookings in our industry, Digitals (aka Digis, Polaroids, Polas) have become even more important than ever to a model’s success.  It’s not only crucial that the model maintain updated digital photos, but also imperative that the client take the time to check for them (or request them) prior to booking to avoid any ‘virtual’ misunderstandings. 

It’s up to platforms like AGENT to set the standard for Digitals going forward.  We’re asking both our models and our clients to help us change the industry for the better, in the interest of saving both parties valuable time and money.  Digitals are an old staple of the industry, initially emerging as a means to showcase the ‘blank canvas’ of a model. With the advancements in photography, editing software, in addition to the plethora of apps out there that have the capability to provide an “instant” nose job or make someone look 20 years younger with the click of a filter, Digitals have now become one of the more reliable and preferred resources in the industry.  

MODELS  >> Gotta Have ‘Em 

What’s great for models is that Digitals don’t require a professional photographer, studio, or lighting. They can easily be taken with your own iPhone!  However, it is important to follow an industry standardized format in order to get the best quality photos that will improve your overall marketability and booking chances.  It’s an easy way to show off your look and give clients a reason to direct book you, without the need to spend the extra time and transportation money on unnecessary in-person meetings or castings. Many models underestimate the importance of current digitals, and in turn miss out on job opportunities.  Here are a few quick tips to get your Digis on fleek:

Natural makeup is best for digitals.

Keep it Simple. Resist the urge to show off your unique fashion sense here.  Clients want to see your figure, so it’s best to wear something plain and fitted.  Examples include a black or white t-shirt or tank top, and a great fitting jean. Additionally, use natural, minimal “fresh face” makeup.  Avoid bright eyeshadow, false lashes, red lipsticks etc. It’s ok to cover blemishes, or use a little bit of lip gloss or mascara, but the idea is to look as natural as possible, for transparency’s sake. 

Make sure the lighting is right. It’s usually best to use some kind of filtered natural light, for example, near a window or well-lit room on a sunny day.  Avoid direct sunlight or taking digitals at night/in the dark, or with artificial lighting from lamps or spotlights etc, as they will create shadows.  Finding a space with great light is one of the more tricky/challenging aspects of facilitating your own digitals, but it is also the most important.

Make sure you are comfortable with who is taking them. Experienced models know that they typically get the best results from photo shoots with photographers that they have great chemistry with.  When a model is comfortable with who is shooting them, it’s easier to open up/relax, try new things and experiment with expression. Even though digitals are super casual and can easily (and successfully) be shot on your own with your phone and a timer, it might be smart to consider having a trusted friend or family member shoot them for you.  They’ll be able to get better/more variety angles, and also be there to help support you and feel comfortable in your own skin. 

Keep your modeling categories in mind. Be mindful of what type of modeling you are most interested in, and are typically likely to book.  If you do a lot of hair modeling, make sure to get close up profile and back shots of your hair. Swim and lingerie models will typically need to have applicable digitals in bikinis or lingerie in order to receive direct booking offers from clients.  If you do parts modeling (legs, hands, feet), you’ll want to have the appropriate digitals for that as well.  

Remember, now more than ever, Digitals are an essential component of a model’s online portfolio and should be updated consistently in order to maximize potential bookings from clients. AGENT is always here to provide guidance and assistance, please leave your feedback and tips below!

Watch our IGTV video for more tips on Digis!

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