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As more and more models become independent in today’s digital age, the act of communicating with clients becomes their own responsibility.  This is empowering, to be sure, but can also be challenging for new models or those who aren’t used to having to speak for themselves in a professional business setting.

Without a middle man or “buffer”, such as an agency or manager, communication is often more streamlined, effective, and direct.  But this also may instill a bit of awkwardness, anxiety, or worse, cultivate the dreaded endless frozen “typing bubble.” AGENT offers models security with regards to in-platform messaging, as well as some great tools within the platform to help facilitate client relationships under the umbrella of our protections.  

Here are a few tips on keeping your communication with clients as effective as possible to ensure smooth (and hopefully repeat!) bookings:


Try to keep these brief, memorable, and relevant to the job.  It’s definitely not necessary to list your whole life story, and it may look quite obviously “cut and pasted” if you do.  Particularly if it’s written in third person tense. Yes, “Julie is a world-renowned high fashion model and classically trained actor” is a bit too impersonal here.  What’s most effective is to share a little bit of specific applicable work experience, as well as your unique personality and attributes. Be yourself! 


Although all AGENT bookings are officially confirmed through the functionality of the platform, it’s often nice to send the client a quick message upon accepting a job offer.  This personal touch ensures the client that you’ve seen all of the requirements and job details, and sets the standard for crystal clear communication going forward as your job progresses. It also introduces the messaging tool to the client, in case they haven’t used it before or perhaps are not yet aware of its existence. Think of how you might feel when booking an Airbnb: Yes, the site says you’re confirmed, but isn’t it nice to receive a little note from the host reaffirming your upcoming stay? 

On AGENT, something as simple as a little “thanks for booking me” can set the tone for great communication throughout a booking. 


It’s good business practice to send a note to the client through messaging when you decline a job offer, particularly if it’s something you might be interested in for the future. Clients are sometimes flexible with dates, so it’s always worth it to mention if the issue on your side is scheduling.  Sending clients a “no, but thanks for the offer” personal message lets them know you’re responsive, considerate, and professional. Even if it’s a job you’re not interested in, it’s always good policy to be polite and friendly. It will come back to reward you one day, we promise!


Often times there is a need for messaging in preparation for a job.  The client will ask follow up questions, relay details as they fall into place, or request further information from you to ensure that the booking goes smoothly.  The faster you respond to these messages, the more impressed and assured your client will be. Delays and/or unresponsiveness are often interpreted as disinterest or unreliability by the client…remember that you are selling yourself as a brand and want to ensure that your client has a great booking experience from start to finish. And, never forget that repeat clients are the best way to grow your modeling career so always do your best to impress and be professional with every client interaction.


While all bookings on AGENT are officially confirmed through the platform, models traditionally may be accustomed to receiving their schedules the night before from agencies with job reminders and casting information.  While AGENT clients often reach out via messenger prior to the shoot with a final personal message reconfirming the details, it is not a requirement. If you find yourself expecting a message the day before a booking, and you keep checking your phone for messages, why not reach out to the client yourself?  At AGENT, models have full authority to take communication into their own hands and set a great example. Try something like: “Just confirming I’m all set for tomorrow at 9am. Looking forward to it!” Your clients will be impressed by your initiative and professionalism, and it will encourage them to treat you with the same consideration and respect. 


In addition to the “request payment” button, which reminds clients to pay you out upon wrap of a shoot, it’s also a good idea to thank the client for their business once more via AGENT messenger.  There was once a time when models would send actual paper thank you snail mail cards to clients (gasp!), letting them know that they appreciate their business. This is still a nice and thoughtful practice, especially for repeat clients, and especially around the holiday season.  Nowadays, it’s more commonplace for models to thank their clients via Instagram, provided you have the proper permissions from the client to post. See our article on savvy social media for more.

KEY TAKEAWAYS // quick tips 

Be yourself in your job pitches and messages to clients.

Have your AGENT notifications turned on so that you may respond to the client in a timely manner. (Notifications can be managed in your AGENT profile.)

Fast responsiveness at every level will lead to more bookings. A lot of times, the client will book the first person that responds to their job inquiries. 

Keep it professional in tone.  You are setting an example for how the client will respond to you.  

When in doubt, always send that extra message for clarification. You’ll be glad that you did and clients will appreciate it.  

Contact the AGENT team anytime you are in doubt or to report unprofessionalism via platform messaging.  We are here for you! 

Check out our quick IGTV video for more tips!

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