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We’ve all been there. Agonizing over whether or not to accept the dreaded “small gig.”  Will something bigger or better come along? Is it worth the traffic, gas money and 25-minute parking space hunt? Or the 8 block trek through the rain to a crowded subway ride, armpits in your face?  Is this job a potential “in” towards a future ongoing relationship? A much-needed opportunity to meet a new client? Could you really use the extra $100 this month? Do you want to turn it down and have lunch with a friend instead but feel annoyingly obligated to accept every offer? Cuz karma?  While in the end only YOU can answer these questions for yourself, AGENT does give you a new tool to make the decision-making process a little bit easier. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of our Job Minimum feature!

Realistically Assess your Situation

Nobody knows you and your limitations/constraints better than you.  That’s one of the great things about AGENT, because you are ultimately in control of each job you decide to pursue. As a guide, some factors to consider here:

Your experience level.  If you are an experienced model who books consistently, it’s really imperative that you make use of the Job Minimum.  This will automatically filter out offers that are probably not a good use of your time, and save you the headache of having to justify turning down small jobs over and over again. With a set minimum job amount, if a client wants to book you, they’ll not only have to pay your required base rate but the total job amount must also be at or above your set Job Minimum.

Your location/commute.  If you live on the outskirts of a large market like LA or NYC, you already know that a long commute likely won’t be worth it for you if the job is only 1-2 hours long.  It’s best to set your Job Minimum here to something that IS worth the trip for you. 

Your work schedule/availability.  For models that also have day jobs, you’ll want to set your Job Minimum to something that would realistically be worth taking the day off work so you can prioritize your time accordingly. If you’re only available on weekends, make sure to set your Job Minimum to an amount that makes it worth giving up your brunch with friends, or family time, on a Saturday. 

Understand Your Client Base

Because AGENT has such a wide variety of clients, there will always be companies willing to pay your set rate and meet your required Job Minimum.  Sure, some productions have a strict budget, but oftentimes, clients are flexible with budgets for the right model. Know that setting your Job Minimum will definitely not price you out of the majority of jobs, but instead may encourage clients to offer what you require in order to ensure you are motivated to make the booking happen. 

Actively Use the Tool 

Your Job Minimum does not need to be set in stone! People change their minds all the time, it’s part of growing and learning. Or, just being moody! You have every right to adjust your Job Minimum based on any number of factors in your life. Perhaps you’re having a very slow week, had a last-minute cancellation, or are just in the mood to pick up any extra gigs you can.  It’s always an option to change or lift your Job Minimum as you see fit; however, just make sure you are realistic and always have it at a level that keeps you super motivated. After all, at AGENT, you are always in charge.

View our quick IGTV video for more tips!

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