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At AGENT, we are all about empowering models and want to help you achieve your goals in every way that we can. Let’s explore together what the most successful models are doing to book consistent work and we’ll provide some guidance and tools to make sure you have the proper support on your journey. 

1. Build and Maintain a Strong and Diverse Portfolio

As more and more jobs in the industry become direct and remote bookings increase, clients need to feel certain they know what you look like from the photos in your profile. Make sure your cover photo is a clear headshot from just below the shoulders and up.  This profile shot is the first thing clients see when browsing models on AGENT so it is super important that the image is clear and of great quality and composition.  Your cover shot should not be overly edited, and it should not include sunglasses, headwear or elaborate makeup of any kind.  Remember that YOU should be the main focus of the shot – not props or wardrobe.  Your next photo should be a full body shot, either from the feet or knees up. You should have an array of shot styles such as: two studio, two commercial/ lifestyle, two beauty, two swim, two fashion, and or two fitness/ active to show your full range of modeling abilities. Arrange these photos so the two photos of each style are next to each other. Only upload photo styles that you enjoy doing so you book more work in those areas. Having a variety of picture styles makes you eligible and experienced for more types of work.  Digitals are another great element to have on your AGENT profile, and are often a huge selling point for clients booking models online. 

2. Have Accurate Measurements

Some modeling jobs are dependent on a model fitting a particular line of clothing or shoe samples, while others are more flexible in terms of wardrobe or sizing.  The trend in the industry is definitely shifting towards inclusivity of all sizes – so there is absolutely no need to exaggerate or “fudge” your measurements that are listed on your profile.  The most important thing is to be accurate – as clients will most likely use the sizes you list to pull wardrobe custom for you.  The same principle can be applied to things like hair length and color, especially for beauty jobs.  Always update your stats and make sure your portfolio reflects any changes.  Clients will be impressed with how current and accurate your profile is, and it will better represent YOU. 

3. Keep Jobs on the Platform

AGENT isn’t just about connecting you with clients and jobs.  Facilitating your jobs on the AGENT platform makes booking modeling work seamless, safe and easy – you won’t have to worry about invoicing or following up with clients regarding payments, because everything is done through our platform technology.  Additionally, our guarantees and cancellation policy will be in effect, so if your job is cancelled last minute, you are still guaranteed the appropriate payment.  More jobs booked on the platform will also raise your profile in our algorithm so you are seen more often, which equates to a higher visibility to clients, and higher probability of being considered for jobs.

4. Build Content Creator Skills 

One huge trend in the industry is the convergence of modeling with influencer or content creator roles. More and more clients expect models to also have marketing skills – whether it is via their own social media channels or other outlets.  Content creation can range from something simple – like filming a quick beauty tutorial on your iPhone to larger scale productions looking for talent with professional photography gear and editing software skills.  The more skills you have in your arsenal, the more appealing you will be to clients – and the more they will be willing to pay as well. 

5. Know Your Limits 

Modeling is a part time gig or hobby for the vast majority of people. When dealing with clients or job offers, be realistic in terms of what is possible for you given the other priorities in your life.  If you are chosen and agree to a job on AGENT, you should be fully prepared to commit to that job. We as a team are committed to building a network of professional, reliable models and clients that respect and value each other’s time. 

6. Write Thoughtful Pitches and Messages

AGENT is the only platform that allows models to be more than a just a pretty face. We give you an opportunity to share what sets you apart from the rest – and believe us, the clients love to see creativity.  A great personality rounds out the successful model and is more important than many realize.  Let your individuality shine through in your job pitch . . . it is part of your personal brand.  Also, make sure to respond to client messages and inquiries in a timely and professional manner.  Often times, the client will book whoever replies first! 

7. Show Up Early and Ready

Models who work consistently always show up a bit early. Think about it, no one can start without you! So surprise the client and show up a little early. It makes the whole day start on a positive note. That includes arranging transportation and mapping the address ahead of time so you know where you are going and how long it will take to get there, as well as getting a good night’s rest so you are bright eyed and full of energy for the shoot. 

8. Do Your Best

At the shoot, if the photographer hasn’t already told you, ask what kind of look they are trying to achieve. Is it an e-commerce shoot? Do they want smiles? With teeth? Casual? Candid poses? If you’ve made it this far, hopefully you know your best poses and angles. If you don’t, take time now in front of a large mirror and practice. You should be able to produce happy, mad, sad, confused, excited, and angry poses at the drop of a hat. Know how to move your body to make the best poses and shapes. Look at fashion magazines for inspiration as well as popular shopping websites that use models and show their faces. Be friendly, professional and strive for having a successful shoot. They will remember your pleasant attitude and want to book you again!

8. Rate the Client

After the shoot, you are welcome and encouraged to rate the photographer or client, depending who booked you. Be honest and share your experience. The client will be rating you as well, and having many 5 star reviews only validates what an awesome model you are and elevates your ranking in the AGENT search algorithm.


We're committed to a safer, more transparent work environment, and providing continual educational support for all of our users.

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