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How many times a day as a model do you get asked to send in current selfies for possible jobs (with NO filters??) Let’s be realistic, living in the world of Facetune 2, it’s difficult not to want to do some editing here and there.  Hey, it’s just a tweak, right?  

But there’s a reason clients are asking for something natural and real, and now more than ever, the trend in the industry will be surging towards remote castings and direct bookings. Not only is it safer, it also saves all of us time and resources, not to mention heartache.  Plus, you’ll get bonus points for sending in something crisp, unfiltered and great looking, just like the client asked for. But how, you ask? Here are a few AGENT tips for nailing your #selfies and #selfievideo:

1) Lighting lighting lighting! We can’t stress this enough, but finding natural filtered light for your selfie is better than any digital filter money can buy.  It smooths out your imperfections *just* enough to make you look like your best self. If the lighting is bad, it’s gonna take you with it. 

2) Timing is everything. Ever wake up with a zit, hungover and (for the girls . . .) on your period and your agency asks for a current selfie ASAP and you want to die? This is easily solvable if you preemptively take selfies when you are feeling and looking GREAT, and keep them in your arsenal to send out on occasions like these.  You’ll look your best when you feel your best, so when you’re feeling your best, SHOOT. Seems so simple. Same goes for your selfie video. Don’t create it just to create it. Create it when you’re feeling it. You know what I mean. 

3) Be yourself.  The industry is now more than ever embracing and seeking uniqueness, so don’t try to hide that crooked smile of yours.  The more authentic you appear in your video, the better. Clients want to see your personality, and we’re certain it’ll make you even more appealing. 

4) Practice! Not everyone is a one-take wonder, believe me. For the vast majority of people, in order to become skilled, it takes a lot of practice, even modeling. If you see perfect selfies in your IG feed, chances are the people posting them probably took hundreds before finding the right one.  There’s no shame in that, just keep trying and you’ll get there!

Laila Elise

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