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Maximizing your visibility in an extremely saturated and competitive industry can be quite challenging. A digital presence in this business is an absolute must, so by now you’ll most likely already have started a dedicated IG account and/or personal website showcasing your talent. But these avenues lack something crucial that AGENT is now providing – your personal booking page. This extremely powerful booking tool allows you to easily direct any potential business through the automatic AGENT background checks, client cancellation policies, and same-day payment processing system with the simple click of a button. 

With AGENT, you have a veteran platform behind you, building out new technology daily to accommodate the ever changing needs of freelance talent with an all-in-one coordinated support, booking and payment system. You can easily indicate to potential clients your preference in being booked through the AGENT vetted platform by sharing your personal profile link in your IG bio, email signature and anywhere else clients might find you online. This will not only aid you in appearing more professional, but also makes it a whole lot easier for them to seamlessly manage booking you in one place, complete with payment processing and invoicing. Both you and your clients can say goodbye to the days of countless back and forth emails, reconfirmations, invoicing, and worrying about the safety and validity of job opportunities.

Here is a quick list of some of the many benefits of your personal URL:

-All clients who want to book you are vetted via AGENT’s criminal background checks

-Clients with whom you’ve shared your URL can view your profile and start the booking process, even if they are not yet registered on the AGENT platform

-Clients can directly send you official booking offers and availability checks through the AGENT platform

-With one easy click, clients can view your portfolio, Instagram (and AGENT Social Performance Report if enabled), measurements, and talent categories all in one convenient place. 

-Payments for all jobs on the AGENT platform will be processed through our secure same-day payment system, eliminating the need for invoicing and delayed payments

-Client reviews provide instant references for potential work opportunities


We're committed to a safer, more transparent work environment, and providing continual educational support for all of our users.

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